Nassau County: (516) 342-4849
Suffolk County: (631) 302-1940

To avoid overpaying your property taxes, many homeowners are either self-grieving for lower property taxes OR to enhance the odds of a successful case, using a quality service that specializes in property tax grievance filings.

NOTE: Not all tax reductions are granted, but for many homeowners, a successful tax grievance has saved them thousands of dollars in property taxes every year. Many also realize several years of tax savings, though every home is unique.

Bottom Line:

If you think you’re overpaying, file now before it’s too late. You may soon be saving thousands in taxes!
SUFFOLK COUNTY DEADLINE IS MAY 15, 2012 for a property tax reduction.

The Heller & Clausen Tax Grievance Group was created to:

  1. Simplify the property tax grievance process
  2. Reduce your assessed value
  3. Lower your property taxes and get you the highest possible tax reduction allowed by law