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Suffolk County Property Tax Payers are SAVING Thousands in Property Taxes

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Suffolk County Property Tax Payers are SAVING Thousands in Home Property Taxes by reducing their home’s assessed value.

Reducing the home’s assessed value, reduces your property taxes! Saving thousands in property taxes in many cases.

This process is called a tax grievance:

Step 1 – First determine your potential TAX savings.
Step 2 – Decide whether to grieve the property taxes yourself or have us grieve them for you.
Note: – A successful tax reduction case can bring many years of property tax savings

Ask yourself 3 easy questions, you could save thousands…

  1. How much do you pay in property taxes? ___________
  2. What is your home’s assessed value from your tax bill? _______________
  3. What is the appraised value/market value roughly now? ________________

If the difference between the above appraised and assessed home values exceeds $ 40,000 then this means you are substantially Over-Paying your home property taxes here on Long Island in Suffolk County.

Put Our Property Tax Reduction Experts To Work For You!