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Suffolk County Ranks #12 in the nation in property taxes!

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Yes, you read correctly!

According to a new 3-year study by The Tax Foundation, Suffolk County ranks number 12 in highest property taxes out of 1,824 counties in the country!  Even worse, Nassau County is number 1!  There – so don’t feel too bad, Nassau County has it even worse than us – still hurts when you’re writing that check though doesn’t it?

Not to mention how high Property Taxes affects our already depressed real estate market, therefore, affecting your ability to sell your home. I will delve into that subject more in a future article.  So what can you do about it?

Well, the good news is there is one thing you can do. That’s right, file a Long Island property tax grievance. And, while some residents may only save a few hundred dollars a year, others will save thousands!  Our company’s record tax reduction occurred just last year in 2011 weighing in at over $7,000 annually.  I know what you’re thinking. That reduction took place in an ultra-posh high-end community like Head of the Harbor or Belle Terre.  Nope, it took place in the modest, middle-class community of Rocky Point.  See there is hope!

How do you know if you’re looking at saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year?   It’s simple. Contact us now for more information on filing a property tax grievance as well as our expert estimate on your home’s Property Tax reduction by visiting our property tax reduction application page.  There is no downside and with us no upfront fees.  After all, “You have nothing to lose, but your taxes…”

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