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Anyone that’s been involved in a real estate transaction with permit issues, knows how important it is to get accurate information, as quickly as possible.  Permit issues can hold up a sale, or potentially lose a deal!

We sat down with Charles Weinraub from Captain Permit to get answers to the most commonly asked questions.  Here’s what he had to say!

Q- I’m planning on doing work to my house. Do I need a permit?  If so, for what?

A- The answer is; Most likely.  It’s easier to tell you what you don’t need a permit for.  If you are changing a window that is the same size, going over an existing roof, siding, painting, or doing floors…All these you should be able to do without a permit.  EVERYTHING ELSE…you need a permit.  That includes removing any sheetrock, changing outlets, changing window sizes, renovating bathrooms, kitchen, and so much more.  Even if you are only going to change your toilet bowl, you technically need a permit.

Q- How long does the permit process take?

A- The amount of time varies, depending on the building department, time of year, and how busy they are.  Some building departments offer expedited services.  Others do not.  Certain towns will not allow you to use the expedited services if the house has existing violations.  The time frame can range anywhere from a few days to many months.  The most important thing is to work with an expeditor who can draft the plans for you quickly, and knows the ins and outs of each building department.  This will help to minimize the wait because time is money!  At Captain Permit, our goal is to be on-site, measuring your job, the day after you call us.  Drawing the plans the following day, and submitting everything to the town within the following 48 hours.

Q- How much does it cost to get a permit?

A- The cost varies depending on the SCOPE of work, cost of construction (building department fees are based on a percentage of the cost of construction), and the number of permits needed (building, plumbing, electric, etc).

Q- Are the codes and rules different in every township AND VILLAGE?

A- Every building department is governed by the New York State Building Code.  However, each town AND VILLAGE, is different, regarding what they enforce, and to what extent.  That’s why it’s critical to work with an expediter who knows the codes, and what each township looks for.

Q- I bought the house this way, 20 years ago. Now I need a permit?

A- Yes.  It doesn’t matter if you bought the house with the deck, pool, finished basement, etc.  If the town becomes aware of it, or you are looking to sell the property, the buyer’s attorney will most likely require all permits to be in place.

Q- How do I ensure I don’t have a problem when selling my house?

A- Call Captain Permit, LLC at 516-318-8838.  One of our permit specialists will do a FREE in-depth analysis of the building department records, and provide you with a list of all closed, open, and missing permits AT NO CHARGE TO YOU!