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The story of Heller & Consultants Tax Grievance

Short Bio: Adam Heller is the founder of Heller & Consultants Tax Grievance. He is a well-known property tax grievance expert in both the commercial and residential fields, who has successfully saved homeowner’s and commercial property owners over $75 million dollars since 2007.  He is licensed by New York State where he teaches attorneys, real estate professionals, and accountants the legal process of tax grievance and certiorari.

Adam founded Heller & Consultants Tax Grievance in 2007 after being frustrated with his own property tax bill.  Since the company’s inception, the firm has become a runaway success, standing on the principles of providing the highest level of customer service possible and historic, record-setting tax reductions for over 30,000 Long Island Taxpayers.  Adam has been featured in multiple radios, podcasts, television, and newspaper articles. His expertise has been published in some of  Long Island’s largest publications like Newsday & LI Pulse magazine.

Here’s a little from Adam on how his company was created…

I’ve lived on Long Island all of my life, living in both Nassau & Suffolk counties. From 1999-2006, I owned and operated a successful real estate firm.  This is where I became familiar and obsessed with property taxes.  I found it interesting that the potential buyer’s second question after, “What is the asking price?” is, “How much are the taxes?”  I also realized that I would be forced to drop the asking price for my clients’ listed homes when property taxes were high.  This didn’t sit right with me then and it doesn’t today.

In 2006, I sold my successful multimillion-dollar real estate firm to Douglas Elliman, one of the largest real estate companies in the world, and founded Heller & Consultants Tax Grievance.  I soon realized that reducing homeowners’ and commercial property owners’ property tax burden was what made me HAPPY, so I gave up my career in Real Estate and chose to pursue property tax grievance full time.

I am blessed to have helped many Long Islanders lower their property taxes, for many years.  As well, I continue to be moved by the hundreds of phone calls and emails from happy homeowners who share their success stories with our firm. It is especially gratifying to hear Clients tell me that they would have either lost or been forced to sell their homes without their property tax reductions. Others tell me they’ve been able to pay more money towards the principal of their mortgage, enabling them to shed years off their payments.  These stories always leave me with a smile.

Property tax grievance is a field that I truly love. It’s not only allowed me to help 1000’s of Long Islanders, but it’s also allowed me to support numerous local charities like Rotary International, Wounded Warriors, and Save-a-Pet just to name a few.

On a personal note….

I have lived on Long Island all my life, in both Nassau & Suffolk counties.  Presently, I reside in Port Jefferson Village.  I have an AMAZINGLY supportive wife, Trista, and three children: Ariel (21 years old), and AJ (9 years), and Summer (5 years).  I distinctly remember telling my eldest daughter, Ariel, one night that I was considering not practicing as a Licensed Real Estate Broker but instead continuing my work as a tax grievance professional.  I think a lot of people wouldn’t have understood that, but as a testament to Trista’s character, she supported me 100% and has made it all possible.  What a woman!

Aside from my work, I love playing, working out, photography, socializing with friends, and playing with my kids.

LI Homeowners Who Love Heller & Consultants Tax Grievance

“HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS SERVICE EXISTED BEFORE TODAY?! Thanks for all of the work to reduce my property taxes – it’s Incredible!!”

Caryn E.- Old Field NY

“Adam, this is an amazing tax reduction and I love how much money your company has saved me! I can’t believe I have not heard about you until now.

Elizabeth J.-Old Westbury NY