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With rapidly changing technologies and virtually unlimited access to information, agents have to adapt and find unique ways to accommodate their clients’ needs.  Here are a few thoughts about being an indispensable agent.

1. Your marketing strategy.

In order to stay relevant, and in business, agents need effective marketing strategies.  Effective advertisements feel authentic and organic and focus on lifestyle.  Are you taking advantage of social media outlets?  Facebook live will help you show up in more news feeds so your content gets seen by more people.

2. Customize your services.

Your customers want everything to be about them. Anything you send them should be tailored specifically to their interests and needs. Personalize their experience from beginning to end and include recommended additional services like home stagers and property tax grievance!  Don’t limit your services to just the transaction; provide them with concierge-style services.

3. Create your brand.

Creating a brand is an absolute must when it comes to real estate.  Your brand is what separates you and makes you stand out from the rest! Your brand should speak volumes about your services, knowledge and your ability to help them have a positive experience. What’s your tag line?!

4. Become an industry leader.

Although it takes is time, be consistent in your efforts.  Establishing yourself as an industry expert will be your best asset. When you’re quoted in a news article, when you have a strong online presence, you become a greater asset to your client.

5. Be a wealth of knowledge.

Offer your audience knowledge on not only the current real estate market, but also on the lifestyle available in the local area. Your audience is looking at you as their guide not only for their home but also for the places they’ll shop and where their children will go to school. They rely on you to give them insight into everything there is to know about the area where they are focusing their search.