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Nassau County to Begin Annual Property Assessments

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In January 2020, Nassau County began sending out new property assessments that had previously not been scheduled to arrive. This is because it was recently decided that annual property assessments will now be taking place in Nassau County. This can be either really great or heartbreaking news, depending on how this impacts your taxes. Below, we will cover all that you need to know to be ready for this change.

What Does This Mean?

Property assessments are what the government uses to help calculate your property tax rate. With new sets of assessments comes an increase or decrease in your taxes. Don’t take this change lightly. As one Nassau County resident said, “my taxes are going to go up 60%” However, there are also those who will be paying lesser amounts of taxes this year due to a declining property assessment for their home.

Who Will This Impact?

Anybody who pays property taxes in Nassau County should expect a change in their tax bill this year. Since the county has decided to re-assess the value for all homes in the area, everybody should expect tax changes. This will likely also trickle down to renters whose landlords are all of a sudden slammed with new tax increases. Those who have previously won tax grievance cases may now have to jump through another hurdle to ensure that they can keep the same fair assessment rate.

Why Is This Being Done?

Nassau County pledges to keep property values as current as possible on their records. When you add in 1.5 million residents, things can get tricky really fast. Especially when there are long delay times between property assessments. The idea here is that with annual property assessments home values can stay as up-to-date as possible.

Can You Still Grieve This Year’s Assessment?

Grievances for the current tax year officially ended on April 1. Therefore, unless you already formally filed your appeal, you will need to start planning for doing this for the next tax year. As we have seen throughout history in the county, those who file for tax grievances will often save lots of money on property taxes. The impacts this trend will have on the future are still yet to be seen.

Need Help with Property Tax Grievances?

If you believe that your new official property assessment is inaccurate, you have the right to file for grievances. It is fair for you to expect to pay your fair rate of taxes, and not a cent more. Here at Heller & Consultants Tax Grievance, we will work with you to formally appeal your property assessment. Best of all, we won’t charge you a dime until we help you win your case and lower your property taxes! Contact us today to see if we can help you.

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