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Tax season just passed so wanted to share my experience on grieving my property taxes and getting my tax bill lowered.  I did a search for property tax grievance companies in Nassau and went with these guys after giving them a call.  I talked directly with a nice lady named Jenn who walked me through what the process entails.  If you win, they charge half of your savings for the 1st year.  You get to keep all the savings yourself all subsequent years though.  If you don’t win, there’s no cost to you, so it honestly is a win-win.

After thinking it over, the next day I went and applied online via their website.  It took all of a few minutes to get it done honestly.  They contacted me later down the road and let me know that I had won and I ended up saving several thousands on property taxes… not bad at all I’d say!

So for anyone who owns a home in Nassau and doesn’t have the time to go through the grievance process yourself, def give these guys a try.

Jim G.Rocky Point, NY