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Why All Homeowners in Nassau County Should File A Tax Grievance

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Perhaps you are not aware that many Nassau County homeowners are lowering their annual property taxes by filing a tax grievance. Today, 216,000 out of the 365,000 households in the county are using this method to save on their property taxes.

Maybe the reason you have not grieved for a long time (if at all) is that you have many unanswered questions regarding the process. Alternatively, another professional grievance firm may have indicated to you that it was not possible to have your property taxes reduced. However, we want to give you an assurance that the process of grieving your taxes is smooth and quick, and it is indeed possible to save!

Therefore, when should you consider filing a tax grievance?

You can start thinking about it at any time. In actual fact, it will take you no more than 60 seconds to complete our 1-page online application that kick-starts the entire tax-grieving process. After receiving it, we will enter you into our system before we start preparations for the official application. No extra work is needed on your part. Just leave everything to our Nassau County tax grievance professionals.

What is the timeline like?

Nassau County’s Assessment Review Committee will start taking applications from January 2 to April 2, 2018.  Normally the Nassau filing deadline is March 1 of any given year, however, to encourage every homeowner to file Nassau County has extended the deadline this year.  We will present your application within this period. However, you can apply any time within the course of the year since we will begin processing it the moment you send it to us. We will prepare it for submission in early January of the following year.

In case your grievance is successful, the tax reduction will take effect during the 2019-2020 tax year.

Note that a tax year runs from 1st December to 30th November. You will be informed about the outcome of your application before you get your tax bill in December.

A few quick reassurances

In case you are still not convinced about whether to grieve your taxes, we wish to give you an assurance that it can only be a good thing for you.

It is more advantageous if you are part of a group. Tax professionals are urging property owners to grieve their taxes every year so that with time, there will be a wide-ranging tax reduction. The tax inequality problem will only be resolved when everybody grieves.

Basically, filing a grievance has no drawbacks whatsoever. Your taxes reduce when the value of your property goes down, and this means you save money. There are even clients who have realized savings of up to 50 percent. Your property taxes cannot increase because you have filed a grievance; at the minimum, they would remain the same. So, there is no risk of losing when you grieve your taxes-you will only gain.

You will not incur any costs upfront and the fee will only be paid when we save you money.  The result is more money in your pocket!

We donate a part of our fee to community-based charities in Nassau County.

Getting started

Just complete our quick and simple grievance application and leave the rest to our team of county tax grievance professionals. Please get in touch with us any time in case you need to ask our knowledgeable team any questions. Our tax professionals are always ready to answer your questions!

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