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Nassau Tax Grievance – Deadline March 3rd, 2025

Nassau County Tax Grievance

Nassau County Tax Grievance

Did you know that you can actually reduce your property’s tax bill if you appeal the value assigned to your property by the taxman? In fact, it’s the estimated value that is used for the purpose of calculating your taxes. If you want to reduce your taxes, the best way is to prove your property is worth less than its estimated value.

If you think you’ve been overassessed, you have a right to protest the assessment – which could mean tax dollars in your pocket.  Let’s face it, in this economy, every dollar counts!

“Nassau County will not voluntarily reduce your assessed value”

The 2024 Tax Grievance season is here and it is setting up to be a big one!  This is mainly due to another dismal year in the yet-to-recover Nassau County housing market.  A bad thing if you are trying to sell, but a great opportunity if you are thinking about grieving your taxes!

Get your property taxes lowered!  Don’t miss Nassau County’s deadline!

Legislator David Denenberg of Merrick (Nassau County) told the following to Newsday;

 “We’ve gotten to the point where the assessments make no sense. The reductions make no sense. The effect on your taxes makes no sense. And the only thing that makes sense is to challenge your assessment.” We believe all Nassau County residents should heed the legislator’s call to action and challenge your assessment.

Nassau Tax Grievance Explained

Nassau County Facts

  • Ranks #1 highest property taxes in America according to The Tax Foundation
  • Use’s complex property classification systems that can make the effective tax rates especially misleading, said Tim Hoefer director of the Empire Center
  • Under NYS law filing a Property Tax Grievance cannot raise your Property Taxes
  • Any homeowners in Nassau County that misses the Property Tax Grievance deadline of March 3, 2025, must wait until 2026
  • If you want to lower your Monthly Mortgage Bill and save money, this is one of the easiest ways
  • No one will visit your home from the Assessor’s or our office

What is Property Tax Grievance?

Property tax grievance is a formal complaint filed against a town’s assessed value on a particular parcel of property based upon comparable sales. The town places a value on every property. ie – $600,000 – if we can prove your home is worth less than that value, we will accept your grievance. If there are sales in your area that are equal to and above that value, we will send you a letter stating that, in our opinion, you have no case. If a neighbor has a similar home and has lower property taxes, it may mean that they are under-assessed; it is not a basis for accepting your case. The easiest cases to win are those on homes that have been purchased within the last year or homes that are currently for sale. To help entice potential buyers we can supply a letter stating an estimated reduction for homes that are for sale.

 Ways to Apply for Tax Grievance in Nassau County:

  1. Submitting an online application is the easiest and fastest way.  Click Here to Apply for Nassau Tax Grievance
  2. Click this link if you prefer to print out the application in PDF form and fax it to 631-782-3174
  3. Or you can call us at 516-342-4849

5 Myths of the Nassau County Property Tax Grievance Process

Myth #1: Nassau Municipality Officials will Show Up at My Home.

Many people believe that the municipality officials will actually arrive in person to inspect your home once you file a petition. In reality, this is very far from the truth. Read more>>

Myth #2: Nassau Tax Grievance Only Needs to Be Done Once

As a general rule of thumb, it is always a good idea to consider filing for tax grievances on an annual basis. This is because you can usually end up saving quite a bit of money this way. Read more>>

Myth #3: You Need to Show Up for Your Hearing

The beauty of filing all your paperwork properly and in a timely manner is that you don’t actually have to show up for your hearing on Grievance Day. Read more>>

Myth #4: It Could Cause Your Value Assessment to Increase

Many of the people seeking a tax grievance for their property in Nassau are concerned about the extra attention that they bring upon themselves by filing an appeal. Read more>>

Myth #5: The Process of Tax Grievance For Nassau is too Expensive

Many Nassau property owners see tax grievances in a more practical manner that considers both the short and long-term. Understandably so. Read more>>

Need Help with Your Property Nassau Tax Grievance?

Heller & Consultants Tax Grievance Group has helped our clients save over $35 million in property taxes since 2007. After over a decade of experience in this industry, we are expert navigators of the tax grievance process in Nassau County.

How do I file a tax grievance in Nassau County?

To file a tax grievance in Nassau County, we will need a signed, 1 page retainer application completed. We handle the entire process from start to finish on your behalf.

What is the deadline to grieve taxes in Nassau County?

The deadline to grieve your taxes in Nassau County is March 1st of the year before the tax bills are released. The deadline may be subject to change at the discretion of the county.

How much does it cost to grieve taxes in Nassau County?

 For Nassau County Homeowners, our fee is strictly contingent on the success of the case. If we reduce your assessment, we charge 50% of the first year’s savings, if there are no savings, there is no fee.

How do I appeal Nassau County taxes?

When you appeal your property taxes, you are contesting that the property value your taxes are based off is too high, and does not reflect your current market. To begin the process, a complaint will need to first be submitted with the Assessment Review Commission (ARC). A case will need to be presented before them to indicate a lower value for your home than what the department of Assessment has on file. If an agreement cannot be reached with ARC, your case can further be appealed to the Small Claims Assessment Review (SCAR) where it will be heard before a judge.

At Heller and Consultants, we oversee the entire process to make sure that your value is fair and accurate compared to market around you.

How can I lower my property taxes on Long Island?

 There are three major steps that can be taken to make sure you are paying the lowest amount of property taxes possible.

  • The first step would be to file a property tax grievance. This will ensure that the home value your property taxes are based off is both fair and accurate. By contacting Heller and Consultants, we can expertly analyze your property’s assessment to see if there may be a case for a reduction in your taxes.
  • The second step would be to apply for any property tax exemptions you may qualify for. This would include exemptions such as the STAR exemption, Senior Citizens exemption, and Veterans exemptions, to name a few. You should contact your local assessor for more information.
  • The third step would be to actively engage with your municipalities’ budgets. Make sure to vote on proposed budgets to keep them in line with the needs of the community.

How can I lower my property taxes in NY?

When it comes to property taxes, the first step is proactively filing a grievance. This provides an important layer of security and helps ensure that your assessment value – and subsequent tax liability – are fair and accurate for years to come. Heller & Consultants can assist with this process as our expert analysts will review all relevant documents in great detail. Furthermore, you should look into any available exemptions such as STAR or Senior/Veterans Exemptions; contact your local assessor for more information on those! Ultimately though, staying engaged with municipal budgets by voting proportionally is key – so make sure your voice gets heard when proposed changes arise!

Useful Tax Grievance Links for Nassau County:

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Appealing Your Property Tax Bill

Did you know that you can actually reduce your property’s tax bill if you appeal the value assigned to your property by the taxman? In fact, it’s the estimated value that is used for the purpose of calculating your taxes. If you want to reduce your taxes, the best way is to prove your property is worth less than its estimated value. Doing so is easy by researching online or calling your realtor. If in your research you discover that you’re right about this, then the process for appealing can take up to 18-24 months to finalize.

Read your assessment letter

Nassau & Suffolk Counties regularly estimate the real estate they tax. This means that when they receive your estimation, it’s going to contain info regarding your property (such as legal description and lot size), but also the estimated value of your land and property. To calculate your property tax, the local government will multiply your property’s assessed value by the local tax rate (values vary from town to town). However, if you think that your home’s value is a lot higher than its actual value, you should dispute it right away.



Suffolk County Ranks #12 in the nation in property taxes!

Suffolk County Ranks #12 in the nation in property taxes!

Yes, you read correctly!

According to a new 3-year study by The Tax Foundation, Suffolk County ranks number 12 in highest property taxes out of 1,824 counties in the country!  Even worse, Nassau County is number 1!  There – so don’t feel too bad, Nassau County has it even worse than us – still hurts when you’re writing that check though doesn’t it?

Not to mention how high Property Taxes affects our already depressed real estate market, therefore, affecting your ability to sell your home. I will delve into that subject more in a future article.  So what can you do about it?

Well, the good news is there is one thing you can do. That’s right, file a Long Island property tax grievance. And, while some residents may only save a few hundred dollars a year, others will save thousands!  Our company’s record tax reduction occurred just last year in 2011 weighing in at over $7,000 annually.  I know what you’re thinking. That reduction took place in an ultra-posh high-end community like Head of the Harbor or Belle Terre.  Nope, it took place in the modest, middle-class community of Rocky Point.  See there is hope!

How do you know if you’re looking at saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year?   It’s simple. Contact us now for more information on filing a property tax grievance as well as our expert estimate on your home’s Property Tax reduction by visiting our property tax reduction application page.  There is no downside and with us no upfront fees.  After all, “You have nothing to lose, but your taxes…”